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Updated: Feb 3

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Q: Do I need a real estate agent? and How much does it cost?

-Amy S.

A: Hi Amy S. Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your question. Yes, it is advisable for you or any buyer to have an agent representing them. Agents have to stay current on all laws pertaining to real estate. Agents usually also have a list of exclusive lenders that can help you get approved with financing. And the best part is their experience and knowledge is FREE to you as a buyer. When you purchase a home the seller ALWAYS pays for your agent as well as their own.

Q: I have saved enough for my down payment and was wondering if the fact that I recently changed jobs would affect my options when applying for a loan?

-Sandra M

A: Hi Sandra M., Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your question. Every scenario is different and that is not to say you will or will not get pre-approved by a lender. Just as an example these factors might help even though you recently changed employment: Credit history, Who you are applying with (Spouse, Sibling, business partner , etc. ), Amount you are requesting to finance. Previous tax filling information.

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